Broadway Improvement Project, Euclid to Country Club


Real Estate

Acquisition activities are underway for properties required for the construction of the Project.  The transactions progressing now are those properties with a direct impact to structures with the new right of way.  There are three (3) phases of these activities, not all structurally impacted properties are being pursued concurrently.  These activities are being staggered to allow for real estate market to absorb the needs of the owners or business to be displaced within a reasonable timeframe for the success of these displaced parties. 

Following the acquisition and relocation of parties impacted by a structural impact, the remaining full acquisitions and relocations will progress, these are the properties anticipated to specifically impacted by loss of access.  As the Project Team is working diligently to ensure access can be granted to as many properties as possible, these activities will not progress until such time the Design Team is certain of the Project impacts. 

The partial acquisition of property rights will be pursued once the Design Team is certain of the Project impacts. 

The final step of the Real Estate activities will be to obtain Temporary Construction Easements for temporary construction impacts, such as driveway construction activities. 

If you have questions related to real estate or property acquisition, please call Tierra Right of Way Services at (520) 319-2106. 


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