Broadway Improvement Project, Euclid to Country Club


Property Acquisition 

The term ‘property acquisition’ refers to the process of acquiring property for the future roadway project. The Broadway project budget has an estimated $42 million for purchasing property needed for Broadway’s improvements. As the design of Broadway’s improvements progress, approval will be requested from the Mayor and Council to grant authority to City staff to begin the acquisition process, and to approve requesting the project funding from the Regional Transportation Authority (RTA).

Properties owners seeking advanced acquisition will be considered on a case by case basis in accordance with City policy. Please contact for more information.

Tenants and businesses located on property planned for acquisition are encouraged to stay on Broadway Boulevard to maintain eligibility for benefits at the time of acquisition.

The design and construction schedule is subject to modification throughout the course of the project.

The RTA MainStreet Business Assistance Program is available free of charge to all businesses located within a quarter mile of RTA-funded transportation projects. Tenants or business owners interested in receiving MainStreet assistance should call 520.270.2661 for more information.