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Broadway Update April 2017

Open House

On March 9, 2017, the City of Tucson and the Regional Transportation Authority (RTA) hosted a public meeting that included the 60% Design Plan, as part of its ongoing effort to inform the public of the next steps and provide materials about the project. Over 130 people came to learn about the project, review updated maps of the corridor, talk to staff from Real Estate and Tierra Right of Way, and interact with the team from Norris Design, who will oversee the landscape design process. The draft Visioning Document was also available for public comment at the open house. Materials from the open house can be found here.

Selection of Public Artist

A local artist has been selected for the Broadway project and their contract is currently being finalized and approved. This artist was chosen through a process administered by the Arts Foundation of Tucson and Southern Arizona. The artist selection panel is composed of representatives from adjacent neighborhoods, local artists, and project team members. Each selection panel member brings with them experience in the Sunshine Mile business community, historic preservation and public art. The approved public artist will work with the community, the design team, landscape architects, and others to ensure the work honors project context and aesthetics.

Land Use Planning

The Rio Nuevo Multipurpose Facilities District Board is in coordination with the project team in order to investigate strategic investments in public and public/private partnerships along the Sunshine Mile. The Board recently hired the nonprofit, Project for Public Spaces (PPS), to assist in identifying potential redevelopment opportunities along the Corridor. The nonprofit staff will meet with local businesses and property owners to discuss issues affecting redevelopment. Public opportunities to provide input will occur at workshops to be led by PPS. Further information on these workshops will be placed on the project website as dates are finalized.

Focus on the Acquisitions Process

The City of Tucson and Tierra Right of Way are working to evaluate and complete property acquisitions for the Broadway Corridor Project as efficiently as possible. Acquisitions for the most impacted properties are proceeding.

The full extent of impacts to property cannot be determined until all the needs of the project are established, and it is important to note that partial acquisitions and other impacts will continue to be reviewed and revised through final design. The 60% plans have advanced and we will continue to contact property owners regarding the acquisition process.

Thank you for your patience as the process unfolds.

Welcome New Businesses!

1201    Storyland, The Write Place 2102    Shalom Tabernacle Church
2424    Correctional Healthcare Companies 2424    Emerald Home Care
2900    The Daily Territorial 2929    SIA Botonics
2934    Sunshine Shop 2936    Ombre Coffee

Contact Information

Ms. Robin Raine, City of Tucson Transportation Deputy Director, is the point of contact for the project.

Head to the project website to sign up for email updates, submit comments, meeting notices, project information and more at

For any questions or concerns, please call the Broadway Project Information Line at (520) 622-0815 or email at

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