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Broadway Update October 2015


We are pleased to announce the launch of the new Broadway project website: All future updates on the design and construction phases of the project will be posted on this site.


In addition to progressing on the 30% design plans for the roadway, the Broadway project team is drafting a Design Concept Report (DCR) that will summarize and create a record of the planning work that has been done to date for the project, and document the criteria that will guide the rest of the roadway design process. As draft chapters of the DCR are completed, they will be posted on the new Broadway project website for review and comment, with all sections posted by early December 2015. Comments can be submitted using the comment form found on the website "Contact" page at The Broadway Citizens Task Force (CTF) will also be asked to provide comments on the DCR, and to discuss it at their meeting in December 2015 (see "What's Coming Up?" below). The team will be reviewing comments throughout the review period in preparation for finalizing the DCR.


As part of the federally-mandated relocation planning process, City Real Estate, in conjunction with consultant Tierra Right of Way, has sent a Relocation Planning letter to property owners and tenants who may be required to relocate due to the impacts of the roadway project. The list of recipients is based on the Baseline Alignment Concept adopted by the Mayor and Council on June 9, 2015. Using this alignment, City Real Estate, with Tierra Right of Way, conservatively estimated the properties whose occupants may require relocation. The letter is being sent now because Relocation Planning is a lengthy process.

Receipt of this letter does not guarantee full acquisition. Once 30% design plans have been finalized (Spring 2016), the acquisition process can begin. At that time property appraisals can be conducted, which will inform the team whether a full or partial acquisition will be needed. Please note that the relocation letter is not being sent to property owners and tenants where only a partial taking is anticipated, because relocation planning is not required in these cases. The project team will be contacting property owners and tenants who may be affected by a partial acquisition after the 60% design stage.


City team member James MacAdam, the Broadway Corridor Project Ombudsman, continues to meet on request with property and business owners in the project area. If you are a property or business owner and would like to speak with James, please call (520) 837-4068 or email him at


City team member Rebecca Ruopp continues to be available as a central point of contact for neighbors and other project stakeholders who are not directly on the corridor. If you are such a stakeholder and have questions about the project, please call Rebecca at (520) 837-6973 or email her at


A new BikeHAWK is now ready for use by bicyclists and pedestrians trying to cross Broadway from Treat Avenue. BikeHAWKs are similar to HAWKs, but they have a few special features that make them easier for bicyclists to use. One feature is the easy-to-reach push button. Traditional HAWK buttons are located on the HAWK pole, within reach of pedestrians walking on the sidewalk. The Broadway/Treat BikeHAWK, however, has an additional push button that can be used by bicyclists while still seated. The BikeHAWK also has green striping that identifies a space in which bicyclists can cross separate from pedestrians. While the BikeHAWK will need to be modified/rebuilt during the corridor widening, the materials will be able to be re-used in the final design.


  • November 2015: Real Estate Acquisition 101 workshops will be offered in November. This first set of workshops are targeted to property owners and tenants who may be affected by full acquisitions due to the roadway project and may need to be relocated. This is the most crucial group to meet with now, as this process has the biggest impact and takes the most time. As we get closer to 60% design, additional workshops will be held geared toward those properties affected by partial acquisitions. For more information on the workshops or to RSVP, please call (520) 622-0815 or e-mail
  • December 2015: A meeting of the Broadway Citizens Task Force (CTF) is anticipated to be held in December 2015 to discuss the draft Design Concept Report (DCR), provide a progress update on the 30% design plans, and discuss the timeline and next steps that will occur in 2016.
  • Spring 2016: The 30% design plans are estimated for completion in the Spring of 2016, with a public comment period in March and an open house to be held in April. Following completion of the 30% design plans, there will be additional opportunities for the public to provide input on streetscape and landscape design elements, public art, the corridor vision for outside the roadway, district branding elements, and land use and economic development tools.
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