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Broadway Update November 2016


Beth Abramovitz, the City of Tucson Department of Transportation Project Manager for the Broadway Improvement Project, has accepted a position with Pima Country, effective November 2, 2016.

Ms. Robin Raine, City of Tucson Transportation Deputy Director, is now the point of contact for the project. Robin has a wealth of experience directing major transportation improvement projects for Tucson and will continue the excellent service that Beth has provided during the past three years.

Join us in thanking Beth for her years of dedicated service on Grant Road and Broadway Boulevard and please welcome Robin to the project.

For any questions or concerns, please call the Broadway Project Information Line at 520-622-0815 or email at


There will be public meetings regarding streetscape & landscape after the New Year. Please stay tuned for more information on those meetings in the near future.


Tierra Right of Way will be sending a Relocation Eligibility and Determination Letter for those businesses and individuals' properties directly affected by the Broadway Improvement Project.

This is not the first contact or written communication provided to the parties from Tierra. The majority of the parties involved have already received an Introduction Letter, Relocation Interview, and a General Project Notice. The Real Estate team is continuing their efforts to make contact with all parties involved.


The City of Tucson and Broadway Project Team would like to welcome the following businesses to the Broadway Corridor. Please make them feel welcome!

700    Fairfield Homes 2221    AAG Realty
700    Southwest Kidney Institute 2243    Headquarters Hookah Distribution
902    Welcome Diner 2301    Winged Foot Investment Services
902    WD Tucson 2553    Whisper Wax Bar
1520   RockReef 2257    Barber Palace
1830   Vidal Egg 2635    Discount Mattress Barn
1940   Sonora Quest Labs 2831    Jen's Organic Home
2016   Tucson 2936    Bisbee Breakfast Club
2030   Catalina Music Company
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