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Broadway Update May 2016


On April 19, 2016, Mayor and Council adopted Resolution 22557, which provides the Tucson Department of Transportation (TDOT) the authority to begin property acquisitions in conjunction with the Broadway Corridor improvements. As required by City and Regional Transportation Authority (RTA) policies, a 30% plan was completed before authority to acquire was granted. The current 30% plan has been posted on the website. Mayor and Council also authorized entering into an Intergovernmental Agreement (IGA) with the RTA for a portion of the funds needed to complete this project. The completed IGA was approved by the RTA on April 28, 2016.

In the upcoming months survey crews will be working in the Broadway Corridor. The majority of the surveys being conducted are to establish property boundaries in the existing right-of-way. Surveyors will also be working with the City's Real Estate Group to lay out the limits of the new right-of-way on properties that may be acquired. This information will be used to help property owners visually understand the property impact and for the property appraisal process.


Now that 30% plans have been posted on the website and the authority to begin property acquisitions has been granted by Mayor and Council, the City Real Estate Group and Design Team have received a number of questions from property owners who may be impacted by the project, but would not be required to relocate.

The City of Tucson and Tierra Right of Way are working to evaluate and complete property acquisitions for the Broadway Corridor Project as efficiently as possible. Acquisitions for the most impacted properties where the occupants may require relocation are proceeding. The project will likely result in a number of partial acquisitions; however, the full extent of partial acquisition impacts will not be determined until after the 60% design plans are completed and the needs of the project are more defined. We anticipate completion of the 60% design plan in approximately December 2016. Once these plans are complete, we will begin to contact property owners regarding the partial acquisition process. Please note that partial acquisitions and other impacts will continue to be reviewed and revised through final design.

James MacAdam, the Broadway Boulevard Ombudsman, is still meeting with interested property owners along the corridor, and the City and Project Team also continue to work closely with the MainStreet Business Assistance Program, which assists business owners with issues related to potential construction impacts.


TDOT is working with the design consultant to advance the design from 30% design to the 60% design stage. As part of that process, the design team will hold its first meeting with architect Bob Vint and his group later this month to look at possible refinements to the design as it progresses per the recommendation included as part of Resolution 22557. A follow up will be provided in future project updates.

In the next month, TDOT will be working with our design consultant and landscape architect to establish a schedule of public meetings to obtain comments and input on the corridor vision, landscape and streetscape. Additionally, TDOT will be working with TPAC to begin the public art process. As more information becomes available we will include it on the website and send updates by eBlast.


The City of Tucson and Broadway Project Team would like to welcome the following new businesses to Broadway:

  • 1222 – West Coast Roofing
  • 2012 – Direct Cellular Repair
  • 2030 – Bright Way Wellness
  • 2030 – Turning Point Therapy
  • 2030 – The Dream Factory
  • 2553 – TucsonWed
  • 2801 – The Anchor Project
  • 3016 – Natural Grocers

Please stop in and welcome these new businesses to Broadway!

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