Broadway Boulevard

Broadway Project Update

Greetings. The Broadway project team is still hard at work on the 30% Construction Plans and the Draft Design Concept Report (DCR). Listed below are highlights of what we’ve been up to:


The design team is continuing to work toward a 30% plan and a Design Concept Report, which will utilize the Citizens Task Force’s Technical Design Parameters to refine the Mayor and Council approved Baseline Alignment Concept.

The design team is focusing on items such as corridor grading and drainage in order to design a roadway that is not a “roller coaster” in terms of grade changes and that will be traversable in large storms. This is an iterative process – which means that when a drainage issue is found, it may result in adjustments that could impact significant stretches of the road.

The team is also looking at the location of existing utilities to determine the need for utility relocations and upgrades, eliminating conflicts and ensuring space for the new utilities.

The team is also continually looking at ways to minimize the number of property impacts. Key factors being considered during this process are acquisition costs, number of businesses affected and historic significance of structures. For example, on Grant Road Phase 2 the baseline alignment had 120 potential full acquisitions. At the 100% design this has been reduced to 55 full acquisitions. We are hoping to have a similar success with the Broadway design.

Click here to view the Mayor and Council approved Baseline Concept Alignment Map and Technical Design Parameters.


In an effort to assist with the overall communication between the City and property/business owners on the Broadway corridor, TDOT, in collaboration with the City’s Office of Integrated Planning (OIP) has designated James MacAdam as the Broadway Corridor Project Ombudsman.

In the past month James has met or spoken with over 30 business and property owners. If you are a business or property owner and would like to reach James, please call (520) 837-4068 or email him at


TDOT and OIP have designated Rebecca Ruopp as an additional outreach resource. Rebecca is available as a central point of contact to provide timely, accurate and consistent information on the project to neighbors in the surrounding area. She will also bring input and questions from neighbors and stakeholders back to the project team. If you are a neighborhood association or group, or would simply like information on the project, please call Rebecca at (520) 837-6973 or email her at


Moving forward there will be a number of ways the public will be able to get information and provide input and comments:

Website: The new website will include a comment form to provide input and comment on various aspects of the project moving forward.

Monthly email newsletters like this one: Provide project updates and include a phone number and email address for input and follow-up questions.

Real Estate Acquisition 101 Workshop: Provides an overview of the real estate acquisition process and the ability to ask general questions of Real Estate staff regarding the process, to sign up for one-on-one meetings with Tierra Right of Way for relocation planning meetings, and to sign up for Ombudsperson meetings individually or as part of a business group.

Ombudsperson Process: Any property owner or tenant potentially impacted by the project can request a meeting with James. Any stakeholder or neighborhood group outside of the immediate project area can request a meeting with Rebecca.

CTF Meeting: We anticipate a CTF meeting in December. At least one call to the audience will be included. Comment cards can be filled out at this time.

30% Design Open House: Opportunity to review the draft 30% plans, to meet with the design team to ask questions and provide input on the proposed design.

During 30% to 100% Design Phase: There will be additional opportunities to provide input on streetscape and landscape design elements, public art and district branding elements.

Corridor Vision and Land Use Tool Process: Will begin in early 2016 and will include workshops, open houses and focus groups.


TDOT is working on a new Broadway Corridor website for the design and construction phase of the project. When live,, will be used to provide all future information and updates on the design and construction of the Broadway: Euclid to Country Club Improvement project.The website is projected to go live October 19, 2015.

The project is currently in the design phase, with utility relocations and construction anticipated for late 2017- 2018. For more project information, visit, call (520) 622-0815 or email Details about the RTA plan are available at

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