Broadway Improvement Project, Euclid to Country Club


Design Concept Report

The Broadway: Euclid to Country Club Improvement Project DCR has been finalized. The Draft DCR was posted in November 2015 and comments were accepted beginning November 13, 2015 through January 24, 2016.  All sections were reviewed by the Citizens Task Force (CTF) and Technical Advisory Committee. 


Table of Contents

Executive Summary


1. Introduction (Final 03/28/16)

    1.1 Project Need

    1.2 Project Purpose

    1.3 Study Area and Project Limits

    1.4 Funding Partners

    1.5 Getting from Project Initiation to the Recommended Design Concept


2. Project Initiation (Final 03/28/16)

    2.1 Context Sensitive Solutions

    2.2 Public Process   


3. Existing Conditions (Final 03/28/16)

    3.1 Community Character and Sense of Place

    3.2 Transportation 

    3.3 Infrastructure

    3.4 Environmental


4. Planning and Scoping (Final 03/28/16) 

    4.1 Project Vision Statement and Goals

    4.2 Performance Measures

    4.3 Public Meeting #3 September 26, 2013

    4.4 Initial Concept Screening


5. Preliminary Design Development (Final 03/28/16)

    5.1 Refined Corridor Configuration

    5.2 Public Meeting #4 June 12, 2014

    5.3 July 2014 Business and Property Owner Meetings

    5.4 Moving Towards a Consolidated Alignment

    5.5 Tucson Mayor and Council Study Session, October 9, 2014


6. Recommended Design Concept
    (Final 03/28/16)

    6.1 Identification of Recommended Design Concept

    6.2 Base Alignment Concept 

    6.3 Mayor and Council Adoption of Baseline Alignment Concept, June 9,                 2015


7. Design Development of Baseline Alignment Concept
   (Final 03/28/16)

    7.1 Alignment and Street Width Refinements

    7.2 Intersection and Traffic Signal Design

    7.3 Access Management

    7.4 Property Impact Mitigation

    7.5 Drainage

    7.6 Utilities


8. Design Criteria (Final 03/28/16)

    8.1 Geometric Design Criteria

    8.2 Pavement Design Criteria

    8.3 Drainage Design Criteria

    8.4 Street and Intersection Lighting Design Criteria

    8.5 Noise Design Criteria

    8.6 Streetscape, Landscape, and Public Art Design Criteria


9. Project Implementation (Final 03/28/16)

    9.1 Opinions of Construction Cost

    9.2 Opinions of Property Acquisition Cost

    9.3 Project Delivery Phasing Plan


Appendix A1 (Final 03/28/16)

Appendix A2 (Final 03/28/16)


Full DCR (Final 03/28/16)

Full Appendix (Final 03/28/16)


Design Concept Report Description 

The Design Concept Report (DCR) for the Broadway project provides information about the baseline alignment concept approved by the Mayor and Council on June 9, 2015.  It incorporates the results of the public involvement undertaken throughout the planning phase, and will set general standards and criteria for further design and construction.  It is created by the Broadway project technical team comprised of an experienced, professional engineering and design firm working alongside other firms, which have special areas of expertise.  It will also involve other professional and technical experts via a Technical Advisory Committee.